About Geno

Gene “Geno” Cotter was unique. From his humble beginnings in the hills of Northern California, Geno strove everyday to be the best version of himself. From All-State basketball honors in High School to a successful college basketball career, Geno was never content with the conventional. This extended to the company he founded, Basketball Jones Hoop Camps, whose goal is to bring a passion and excitement for life and basketball into the lives of young people.

Along the way, Geno touched the lives of thousands of young basketball enthusiasts, as well as their families. He started his own family with his beautiful wife Tiffany; their children Bailey and Brody embody the same no-holds-barred attitude as their father. Following his tragic passing in July 2016, Geno’s friends and family committed themselves to carrying on his passion for making the world a better place through the Live Like Geno Foundation.

Our Mission

The Live Like Geno Foundation was created to honor the memory of Gene “Geno” Cotter.


The Live Like Geno Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a positive impact for underserved youth and their communities through mentorship, sports, facilities, and scholarships. Founded through the vision and philosophy of Gene “Geno” Cotter and his passion for youth development, we are committed to continuing his legacy using basketball as a vehicle.


This is an invitation to join our mission, and “Mission Up”. Our passion is to have Geno’s philosophy continued. We want to bring people together to give back. Inspired by Bob Marley’s lyrics, “Get Up Stand Up,” we want you to Mission Up!





The Foundation’s History

This foundation was created to carry on the mission and spirit of who Geno Cotter was. All of us on the founding board have a significant connection to Geno – his wife, his brothers, his childhood friends, and his longtime friends. We wanted his legacy to continue for his kids and to inspire others. You may not be able to meet Geno in person, but we hope that by participating and benefiting in the things our mission strives for, you will always be connected to the spirit of Geno Cotter.

We want people to be Inspired. To live with Passion. To live with Purpose. To live with Positivity.
We want everyone to be apart of it. To Live Like Geno. This is our mission. Mission Up.

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