Grieving Support

Gene’s Family: Bailey, Tiffany, Brody and Laker Cotter

Part of the purpose of our mission is to carry on Gene Cotter’s contagious positive vibes and attitude towards all those who came in contact with him. He had a way of making life seem “light” and easy. If anyone needed a hand, Geno was there to help.

The Live Like Geno Foundation’s Lift Up initiative was designed to lend a hand to those who have suffered loss. Tiffany Cotter would like to be a resource to any other widow who is struggling with the loss of their spouse. The first year of loss can be unbearable and we would like to provide resources and support in navigating through this life changing event.

Everyone grieves differently

It may be months before you read anything longer than a text message. But when you decide to pick up a book,
these are Tiffany’s recommendations: