The Live Like Geno Foundation is providing students with the opportunity to reach up and grab their goals. Through this initiative, we will continue Geno's innate way of challenging students to be the best versions of themselves.

$500 scholarship will be awarded to 1 female and 1 male
graduating high school seniors at each
of the following high schools:

South Fork High School Humboldt CA
San Benito High School, Hollister CA
Christopher High School, Gilroy CA

Scholarship Recipients

  • Crue Contreras, South Fork HS, 2021
  • Kaylei Valk, South Fork HS, 2021
  • Aven Melching, San Benito HS, 2021
  • Nicole Miller, San Benito HS, 2021
  • Edward Schmidt, San Benito HS, 2021
  • Jovanna Huerta, San Benito HS, 2021
  • Joe Fleming, Christopher HS, 2021
  • Jayden Paine, South Fork HS, 2020
  • Trinity Mumm, San Benito HS, 2020
  • Yasmin Martinez, San Benito HS, 2020
  • Francesca Giannotta, San Benito HS, 2020
  • Delilah De Le Cerda, San Benito HS, 2020
  • Camila McFall, Christopher HS, 2020
  • Haylie Mulder, South Fork HS, 2019
  • Cooper Anderson, South Fork HS, 2019
  • Alyssa Ito, San Benito HS, 2019
  • Elizabeth Fleming, San Benito HS, 2019
  • Anthony Contreras, Christopher HS, 2019
  • Bella Gonzales, Christopher HS, 2019
  • Travis Romero, Christopher HS, 2019
  • Olivia Baffert, South Fork HS, 2018
  • Belen Andrade, San Benito HS, 2018
  • Kyla Mead, San Benito HS, 2018
  • Nicole Andrade, San Benito HS, 2018
  • Karina Collins, San Benito HS, 2018
  • Victoria Vanmeter, South Fork HS, 2017
  • Javier Alatorre, South Fork HS, 2017
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How To Apply

To be eligible, you must be a graduating senior with a GPA of at least 2.0.
To be considered for the Live Like Geno Foundation scholarship, applicants must submit a short video,
application, a letter of recommendation and a copy of their transcript.

Please inquire with your school counselor for the application deadline.

Please send completed application, youtube video link, copy of transcript and letter of recommendation all
together via email to